Coyote Autumn by Bill Wallace

Coyote Autumn
ISBN 0823416283
  • Author:
    Bill Wallace
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    Coyote Autumn
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    Literature & Fiction
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    Holiday House; 1st edition (October 15, 2000)
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"You Can't Keep A Coyote!

They're Wild...."

Brad has always wanted a dog, so when he catches the little coyote, he decides to keep it. He couldn't have a dog when his family lived in a Chicago apartment, but now that they've moved to rural Oklahoma anything seems possible. Even rescuing an orphaned coyote pup...and keeping it a secret from his parents. With his friend Nolan's help, Brad is determined to tame Scooter, train him, play with him, and hide him in an old dog pen behind the barn. It almost works...until Mom and Dad discover his secret ― and Scooter steals their hearts and gives them all a coyote's-eye view of what it's like to live in the dangerous world of men.

I bought this book as a collector! Being books will be obsolete in time! just a fun read brings back memories! when you where once young and advenurus!
We love this book
My grandson is an avid reader and he really enjoyed this book. I would recommend this book to all parents and grandparents as a great gift for the young people in their lives.
Great book for young animal lovers. It's about a boy (with a true Oklahoman accent) who wants to tame a coyote pup that came from the wild. Everything sure adds up to be a big mess of trouble... but getting into trouble is always fun, isn't it? Especially if you have a little coyote that is your pet.

I'd recommend "Coyote Autumn" for both boys & girls, ages 10-14. It's not a fantastically-remarkable book, but it was worthwhile to read it.
The boy gets to stay home from school because his parents and other teachers had a meeting to go to.So he gets to stay home.He goes outside he see's a blur in the corner of his of bis eye.So he goes inside and to get his dads binacularsso he see's something and it turned out to be 2 coyotes.He watches them play for a while then he hears something coming down the road.There are alot of truckd coming down the gravel road.When they pulled over he sees kennels in all of hte trucks and sees somehting in the kennels then a gray blur comes running out of the kennels. Then he looks for the coyotes and they were gone, he looks around some more and sees the big one trying to lead the dogs away from then smaller one. The bigger one ends up being killed so Brad tries to keep the little one and his parents end up findig the litte coyote but at the end the coyote stills the heart and Brad gets to keep the coyote.
I'm in third grade. I loved this book because it had coyotes in it. I am originally from Texas, so I really like coyotes. I liked when the coyote first came into the dog pen because he kept knocking around. It was a funny book and I learned a lot.
Hidden Winter
I'm in sixth grade. I needed to do a project and I hate reading. When I saw this book I said, "Let's give it a try". I loved it first because I love animals and second, because the book was interesting.
This is a TOTALLY SUPER book! I just finished a book report about this book for school. I like it because I LOVE ANIMALS, and chapter books are my genre. So get your copy, I know it'll be your favorite book that you've ever read!