Time War by Lin Carter,Frank Frazetta

Time War
ISBN 0440086256
  • Author:
    Lin Carter,Frank Frazetta
  • Title:
    Time War
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    Science Fiction
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  • Publisher:
    Dell Books; 1st edition (November 1974)
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Time War by Lin Carter,Frank Frazetta
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Time War by Lin Carter,Frank Frazetta
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Time War by Lin Carter,Frank Frazetta
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Dell Books, paperback original novel, 1974. Includes an afterword by the author, wherein Carter explains this science fiction novel to be an homage to A. E. van Vogt.

Good book for a rainy afternoon. Not a long book, but detailed enough to make a good story, and short enough to read in a few hours. The main character and plot are well thought out, but the pseudoscience can get a bit cheesy. The book has some unusual twists for it's time, and can trip you up even now. The side characters are not as well developed, and I would have like to see more of some of the places and things glossed over in some places, but you get enough to get the point and I guess that is the goal. Overall is a nice book to keep when you want a quick read that will make you rethink humanity, and determinism.
It isn't a thick book, but it goes fast and is like a little vacation.
excellent Paperback by Lin Carter! Came in its own protective sleeve and in super condition. Wish they would make a movie about this story written by L.Carter!
From back cover: Man against Time. John Lux was an electronic scientist, a level-headed industrialist, an ordinary twentieth-century man--at least he thought he was an ordinary man...until he discovered he could teleport himself--until he discovered that forces 200,000 years beyond his time were trying to destroy him...until he discovered that civilization of the future was being pampered into extinction in a kindergarten world and he was the only man in all eternity who could save it. But until John discovered how to use his dormant neuro-radionic powers, he was a helpless pawn in a time war--and both he and the planet were doomed...
Review: Usually Lin Carter did homages of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard or Leigh Brackett (or ripped them off, if you prefer), but this one is of A. E. Van Vogt. It starts off decently, as a normal man is suddenly attacked, survives, and gradually becomes aware that he is a superman. Unfortunately, the promising beginning doesn't continue, and Carter obviously doesn't know how to finish the story, so it just sort of ends.
According to Lin Carter, Time War is a pastiche of AE van Vogt, the celebrated (very) hard SF pulp writer. Carter's version is less technical, but more readable version than the great Canadian.

A fun, fast-moving story with a bit of mystery and paradoxes involving alternate worlds and time travel. Perhaps, a little lightweight, though. The story involves a mental superman learning that he has super mental powers and using them to correct 200,000 years of failed progress.

I remember liking the story a little better when I read it in 1974, but it is still an enjoyable romp today! By the way, it is not dependent on van Vogt works, although similarities are certainly there.
I have been searching for this book for THIRTY YEARS!!!! The first time I picked this book up I just couldn't stop reading it!! I reread it a few times until the early 1980's when it disappeared on me and each time I read it again it was cover to cover non-stop!!!Well now the only thing keeping me from a repeat preformance is trying to figure out how to actually purchase the book here on my kindle fire!!!Well happy reading everyone!!!!
Very fun book