Obsession by Lisa Jackson

ISBN 0786280441
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    Lisa Jackson
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    Romantic Suspense
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    Thorndike Press; 1 edition (October 19, 2005)
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A New York Times Bestselling Author

Zane Flannery had always been overprotective of his famous wife, Kaylie - he was, after all, her former bodyguard. But in the aftermath of an averted tragedy, his protective instinct proved to be too potent for Kaylie. Feeling more like a prisoner than a wife, she saw no other option than to leave. Now, years later, even with a new threat of danger, Kaylie isn't convinced she should let Zane back into her life.

Available only in Americana 4 & 5.

By the book sample I read, I thought I would like this book, it had elements that I find essential for my enjoyment of a story: a hero who has no problem with commitment issues, and a beautiful and celebrated heroine, who had her man tide up in knots. But I was wrong I did not enjoy this story, and it was not because the emphasis was on the romance rather than the suspense, after all that is my preference. The thing is that for once I thought I would be spare reading a theme I detest, the one where the heroine is pining away for the hero, I mean he "really" loves her. But none the less the heroine spent most of her time in this book, thinking (often and repeatdly) how she had loved him, and/or how she still loves him, how much she wants him, what a fool she is for him, how hot he makes her feel, and how hot he is. It seemed to me that just about every other paragraph she was lamenting her intense longing for him. I did not like the She at all, to me se came accross as a childlish, petulant fool, though I liked the hero very much. As a matter of fact, I would have liked this book a little better, if we had gotten more of his point but (unfortunately for me) it is mostly written from her point of view, and thus we are constantly bombarded with her inner thoughts of her obsessive love/lust for the hero, page after page page, after page.

However, the thing I like the least (by far) was the flashback to when they first met, told of course from her point of view. I never, ever enjoy reading about a heroine that throws herself at the hero, regardless of how young she is. And in this flashback, she definitely does this, again and again, repeatdly declaring her love for him, and begging him to love her, while he tells her, he cannot accept what she is so desperately offering him, because he needs his job. I don't care the reason for the rejection, I never find it sexy or romantic to read about a man rejecting a woman/girl, who is totally humiliating herself, without an ounce of pride, in her persue of the hero. Yikes!!!!. And to make matters worse for me, the reader never knows how this dilema was resolved, since it all happened off page, and we are just told that they became lovers and married. No hint as to how it all transpired. And the topic is never brought up again ( at least with any clarity) so that the reader is left wondering. So I repeat myself: this book is not for me.
This has to be one of my favorite books written by Lisa Jackson! It is filled with romance and suspense! Kaylie drive me crazy! Her stubbornness irritated me but I really liked how it turned out in the end!
I chose this book because she is my favorite author .If you like a good read that keeps you in suspense through out book try Lisa Jackson she's great.
Zeks Horde
This was not my favorite Lisa Jackson book, it was long on romance and short on the mystery thriller part.
Lisa Jackson is becoming one of my favorite authors. This is the second of her books I have read and both have been very good.
I like Lisa Jackson's books. Obsession was good reading.
Always love Lisa Jackson
I read about 30% of this book before putting it down for good. Cheesy, ridiculous romance. I usually enjoy her books, but this one is pitiful.