Kamasutra Tarot Kit by Lo Scarabeo

Kamasutra Tarot Kit
ISBN 0738711802
  • Author:
    Lo Scarabeo
  • Title:
    Kamasutra Tarot Kit
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    New Age & Spirituality
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    Llewellyn Publications; 1 edition (May 8, 2007)
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Inspired by the original Kamasutra, this deck is meant to aid seekers in their own quest for enlightenment through the senses.

Publisher Review:I feel I have to start this review by stating that this deck is filled with very explicit illustrations of couples involved in sexual relations. If that alone is a "deal breaker," you have no reason to continue with this review. Next, I’d like to look at the source text for this deck, the Kama Sutra. Many people talk of this book as having great spiritual value. They approach it as a key Tantric (a small part of Tantra involves spiritualized sexuality) text. Neither concept it true. It is far closer to what might be called a rule book for marriage. It is composed of seven sections, of which sections 3–6 are about how to get a wife, how a chief wife should act, how other wives should act and advice on how to become a courtesan. Section seven is about how to attract a partner and includes the closest thing to instructions on sexual magick found in the entire book. Section one, the introduction, introduces various Vedic spiritual concepts and may simply be slapped onto the book in order to give it some legitimacy. Indeed, at least one historian claims the entire book was a collection of other texts. The remaining section is the part of the book that is most famous. It includes numerous legalistic and dogmatic concepts on how to have sexual relations, some of which require a great deal of physical strength and agility. It also describes 64 types of sexual acts. I vividly remember getting a copy of this book when I was about 14 years old on a vacation in Palm Springs. I eagerly tried reading it and no matter how much I skipped, I couldn’t help but find it stultifying, dated, and silly. That brings us to an overview of the art in this deck. As described in the deck attributes below, the Art School Vijai & Ram of Rajastan have done an absolutely magnificent job of producing sexually explicit modern art in the style and character of of 17th and 18th century Indian art (heavily influenced by Mughal-style art) often found in published editions of the Kama Sutra. You’ll instantly recognize the style.  .  .  read more. 

The artwork is neat if you are into the Kamasutra. They should have used gold foiling and borders, it would have made this deck really beautiful! To be honest, I don't know why I bought this deck. Guess I was just "in the mood." I can't read with them intuitively at all. However if you are collector, these are pretty cool to have. Just keep it out of reach from the children. Lot of nudity and a lot of sex in this deck. Not recommended for beginners. It's more a novelty deck than anything else. Does teach you about the kamasutra though if you are into it.
This deck is of the high quality you would expect from Lo Scarabeo. The Little White Book explains the purpose, design and artwork of the deck. Of the design it mentions that it was not possible to mesh tightly with the original literary work. So, the artwork is drawn in the style and character frequently found in the Kamasutra. It looks similar to what I have seen in books but not exactly.

The LWB has this to say about the illustrations: "The artwork for this deck poses at least three challenges to Westerners:
- The illustrations depict graphic sexual acts.
- The illustrations reflect authentic fourth and fifth century attitudes toward gender and sex.
- The illustrations reward careful study"

Then finally it explains how to use the cards as a tool for enlightenment. It goes into unusual detail and invokes ritual and symbolism. I haven't tried this divination yet.

The cards only have a few words to explain their meaning, Most use standard Morgan-Greer interpretations. It does associate each suit to sexual positions between the male and female. The swords and cups depict one or both partners kneeling or crouching. Cups place the woman in superior position, the swords have the man in superior position. Some of the cards are difficult, at first glance, to connect all the limbs to their true owners. The LWB suggests you don't try to reenact these acrobatics.

I would suggest getting the original masterpiece with illustrations if you don't already have it. One more thing that is missing is any explanation of Kama, Dharma, Artha, and Moksha in the LWB, yet the outside of the box says they are the names of the suits. Maybe I missed something.
Cards are very thin, no real information in booklet about kKamasutra to tie it into the readings.
The art on the cards are beautiful but disappointed that they didn’t have words on them as advertised.
This deck is flimsy and there is no names on the cards like they advertised. I would like to have the deck in their pictures. Im pretty sure this deck is counterfeit Anyone who owns a Lo Scarabeo deck know theymake quality cards. These are super thin like a generic playing card.
This deck is very nice visually as far as a serious tarot reading not so nice. Ok...it is somewhat difficult to perform a serious reading because the Deck appears to geared toward the act of intercourse...which I am not saying is bad just a distraction. I collect tarot decks and appreciate the beauty and grace of the Karma Sutra so I had to have the deck...
I Like.