Scooped! by David J. Krajicek

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    David J. Krajicek
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    Columbia University Press; 1st Edition edition (November 15, 1999)
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Scooped! surveys the impact of tabloid journalism in America and reveals that crime news and reporting say much about a society fascinated by sleaze and violence. David Krajicek raises important questions about how and why certain crimes are reported, and the ways in which these representations are framing debates concerning crime policy and the criminal justice system. He challenges journalists--in the tabloid, television, and otherwise "respectable" news media--to fulfill their mission to inform, and not inflame, the public.The book is a much-praised critical analysis of the manner in which the media and politicians trivialized important decisions about criminal justice policy by basing them upon expediency and aberrational crime anecdotes. In the years after Krajicek wrote "Scooped," his criticisms were validated as the costs of criminal justice skyrocketed in American, driven by the expedient political decisions he cites in the book.

Crime - it's what Americans love to watch. Sad, but true and nobody seems to care enough to demand useful news. Too bad. . .
"Scooped!" refers to the common journalistic practice of rival news institutions to beat the other ones with bigger, not necessarily better, but definitely more spectacular, headlines and stories. It is a well written and easy read, containing much needed and valuable information on the nature of journalism, crime policy and crime reporting in particular. Even though relatively small in size, the book offers many points for discussions, from journalism's moral obligation to step away from the recent tabloidization trend and cover crime in the "right" way instead, to the failure of the U.S. criminal justice policy. If not only for the entertaining anecdotes, it provides useful lecture for rookie journalists or journalism students, because almost all of them will start their career by covering the crime beat, occupying "the bottom of the reporting hierarchy, down near the obituary writers." It is a very provocative piece of writing, challenging newsmakers to take responsibility for their own work.
Scooped!is a decent read however it has something to say of Reagan(and who does not have something to say about a Great Man?,apparently the author is a Detractor as are most feebleminded people.)there are some interesting news and some I recall Like the SouthFloridaNymphAttorney Scandal,but Rupert Murdoch is not the boogie man and there is many Outlets that are "sensational" Including MSNBC,NBC,CBS and CNN.Looking for a less ideological-slanted book to read on the subject that can do it better,Such as the Book "Bias" which is about CBS.that is worth reading.