Cultural Anthropology (Cengage Advantage Books) by Richard L. Warms,Serena Nanda

Cultural Anthropology (Cengage Advantage Books)
ISBN 0495813648
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    Richard L. Warms,Serena Nanda
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    Cultural Anthropology (Cengage Advantage Books)
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    Social Sciences
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    Cengage Learning; 10 edition (January 1, 2010)
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Renowned for its integration of rich ethnographies into the core book, CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 10th Edition provides excellent coverage of cultures around the world. This new edition integrates the most recent research updates, while continuing to emphasize the issues of power, gender, globalization, stratification, and ethnicity. High-interest features such as the new "The Global and the Local" capture a key message of the book: the study of anthropology is important because it builds awareness and helps develop informed citizens of the many similarities and differences among cultures around the world.

Bought the book for a class, it was exactly as described. The shipping was fast and i had no problems with the product or the seller. It wasn't damaged and i got good use of the book throughout the semester with the book holding up really well. Would recommend this seller and the book was also pretty interesting! Shout out to my professor for not picking an overly expensive book.
Its a really good book, it functions well, and it is user friendly. I would have given it 5 stars if the pictures were better quality. Most of the pictures are not needed because the text is rewritten. There are however charts and maps that you should be able to zoom in on and still see with clarity. When you zoom in on them it is almost impossible to see the fine print. If anyone knows a fix for this issue I would love to hear it. I think they could of done better with higher quality images though that you can zoom in on to at least read.

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Bought for class. Didn't use the book much but the text did have good information.
Covers most of what the 1up newer version does, they just have the chapters mixed up (Ch.5 in old covers what Ch.4 in new does) so you will have to do a bit of looking if you bought this for a class and the teacher uses the newer version.
Book was in a great condition. Get to learn other cultures too.
Filled with colored pictures and diagrams, easy to understand. Interesting content. I rented this for my Anthropology class for college.
Purchased this book for a cultural anthropology class and it was beneficial in understanding the course material. However, some aspects need to be updated. Hopefully, a more current edition is already out or is coming out soon.
This text was my first step into the field of Anthropology. It was the required text for my Intro to Cultural Anthropology class. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the class and this text was a big reason for that. It's very informative. However, I do not find it to be too dry. ALso the chapters aren't too long, which can be very intimidating for some people.