Clinically Oriented Anatomy by Keith L. Moore

Clinically Oriented Anatomy
ISBN 0781764742
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    Keith L. Moore
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    Clinically Oriented Anatomy
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    Medicine & Health Sciences
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    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 5 edition (May 20, 2005)
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"Clinically Oriented Anatomy provides first-year medical students with the clinically oriented anatomical information as it relates to the practice of medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy. The 7th edition features a fully revised art program to ensure consistency and cohesiveness of imaging style"--Provided by publisher.

DO NOT bUy the eBook version of this book!!! It is unusable for medical school. The page numbers are not on the pages, and the table of contents is pathetic. They do not have sections listed under the chapters, and there are not links in the table of contents (except to the beginning of the chapters). The index does not have page numbers listed by the terms, and the terms are UNCLICKABLE in the index. Moreover, the eBook looks nothing like the pages in real life. They do not even have the same setup. In short, the eBook version is absolutely useless.
Fantastic text book, I recommend it highly, I cannot say enough good things about it. I am currently taking clinical anatomy in med school and I have an A average, I credit it to this book (most certainly not my professors or their notes, lol, if your in med school you know exactly what I mean). Invest in this book it's worth every penny, I actually love it so much I own 2 hard copies (one for school, one for's heavy) and a kindle version.
I'm reading this book on my PC, and I was quite disappointed by the size of the images using the kindle PC app, so I tried reading it on the kindle cloud reader. What a difference! Images are larger and clearer!
It displays well on my kindle fire and since it came with a subscription to the publisher's site, which allows viewing the book online for a while - I can expand the images on my PC and really take advantage of the great illustrations.
As for content, this book is worth every penny. Descriptions are very nicely worded and extremely understandable and the clinical "blue boxes" provide extremely useful information.
I'm a 1st year med student and have used this book a lot this year. I think the text is easy to read and the pictures are pretty good, but it is very detailed which can sometimes be overwhelming. I see myself coming back to this book in my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years and beyond for reference but it was hard at times to get through in my 1st year as I was building a knowledge foundation for anatomy. I also liked that the access code gave me full access online to the whole book (and not just part like some textbooks do).

This book is written by region and not by system, which was a little frustrating for me because my curriculum is being taught by system. However, that's not their fault. I hear that medical schools are converting their curricula to "systems based" and if Moore publishes a book like this by system, I would buy it. I'm a naturopathic medical student and we tend to look at the body by systems so that is also just my personal bias.
This is a very nice, dense, textbook of anatomy for serious anatomy students (e.g. future surgeons) that I would give five stars were it not for inconsistencies and errors that plague the book. No, there are not 12 cervical vertebrae! That is the most obvious error I've found so far. There are several, but considering the size and density of the text the number of plain errors is not grossly out of proportion. The more serious offense this book commits, in my opinion, is to disagree with itself, which can seriously hinder learning the material. Often, Moore will say one thing in the text, another in the summary text, and yet another in the illustrations he refers to! For example, Moore says that the right bronchial artery often is a branch of the 3rd posterior intercostal artery, but the illustration he refers the reader to clearly shows the right bronchial artery as a branch of the FIFTH posterior intercostal artery. In the abdomen chapter, Moore says the arterial supply to the anterolateral abdominal wall includes 11th posterior intercostal artery, but the table and illustration referred to also includes the 10th posterior intercostal artery.

I'm sure that some of these discrepancies can be chalked up to normal anatomical variations, but for God's sake tell us that or we have no way of knowing whether it is an error or variation! Anyway, these discrepancies happen with a high enough frequency that it warrants a two star deduction on an otherwise pristine textbook of anatomy.
Originally was going to give it 5 stars for the affordable text that is pretty clear and easy to read with plenty of pictures. HOWEVER, I was reading the head chapter and found 30 pages were printed upside down and out of order!! Seems silly but it's really annoying when you're creating a study guide and are constantly flipping back and forth between sections. Sorely disappointed.
I used an earlier edition of this textbook as a medical student. I have found this edition to be excellent. I have it on my Kindle which puts this excellent book at my fingertips as a reference. The "blue" boxes are fabulous as they were when I was a medical student but the anatomical explanation are priceless too. Yes, this is a very dense book but it is very readable too. I encourage my students to set a daily reading schedule which this book's organization allows nicely. A continued excellent textbook in many respects.