Entebbe: A Defining Moment In the War On Terrorism by Iddo Netanyahu

Entebbe: A Defining Moment In the War On Terrorism
ISBN 0892215534
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    Iddo Netanyahu
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    Entebbe: A Defining Moment In the War On Terrorism
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    Balfour Books; 1 edition (October 1, 2009)
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The remarkable account of the famous hostage rescue at Entebbe, and its commander, Jonathan Netanyahu. Learn how this modern Joshua inspired not only Israel but the whole free world through the success of this operation . . . described by many as a miraculous mission of biblical proportions. Relates perfectly with our own war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If there is one book that everyone needs to read about the so called War on Terror, this is it.

A superbly written account of the last few days in the life of Lt. Colonel Jonathan Netanyahu, the late commander and architect of the famous Operation Entebbe, now also called Operation Jonathan in his honor.

Although several written and video accounts are available of this operation, this is by far the best. Operation Entebbe, was the hastily planned and executed rescue operation of about 100 Israeli hostages, held by Palestinian terrorists at the old airport terminal in the east African nation of Uganda's town of Entebbe. For those not familiar with it,
suffice it to say that it was probably the boldest, most audacious, best executed, most dangerous, and most successful rescue operation ever carried out.

Iddo Netanyahu is in a unique position to give to best accounting possible of the details of the operation. Youngest of the three Netanyahu brothers, Jonathan (Yoni), Benjamin,and himself, the latter had access to public and private interviews with other participants in the mission, ranging from its lead pilot, Joshua Shani, to many of Yoni's fellow
expert commandos and members of the raiding party, to political figures such as then defense ministers, Shimon Peres.

For skeptics, I suggest the begin with the last chapter of the book, only 4 and a half page pages written by the publisher, entitled "Publishers Afterword." I cannot improve on it to explain why this book is so important, and should have the largest possible audience. Aside from the obvious, i.e Yoni being the greatest fighter Israel (or possibly the world) has ever known, this chapter explains that Operation Entebbe defines terrorism - those who are willing to give their lives for the purpose of taking lives,to the absolute opposite, the soldiers engaged in the fight against terrorism, for the purpose of saving lives. Aside from being a fascinating and riveting account of the details of the operation, the larger "lessons learned" are much more important in sustaining us in the current war against those who would destroy the whole Western way of lifeRaid on Entebbealong with it's Judeo-Christian values.

This book is definitely not for Jihadists, Anti-Semites, Israel bashers, or knee jerk anti-war people. I ask that all of these refrain from rating this review.
Light out of Fildon
Netanyahu alternates between a eulogy for his brother, Jonathan, and a history of the Entebbe rescue.

This book draws heavily upon first person accounts gathered years after the event. As one would expect, due to individual perspectives, there are inconsistencies between the people interviewed. In my mind, this adds to the authenticity of the story.

The fluid nature of a crisis and rescue attempt is vividly portrayed in the many interviews. They were already enroute to the site before the GO order was given and the plan continued to evolve until the moment they landed.

An amazing story that will be told for generations to come.
Iddo Netanyahu states he himself was once a reserve member of the unit that performed the daring rescue in Entebbe and that, combined with the fact that his brother Benjamin was once a member as well and that it was his other brother Jonathan ("Yoni") who led the unit to victory in this mission lends special credibility to this narrative. This book is readable and informative. The author states he took a lot of the information from taped interviews with members of the unit who performed the raid. I have only one complaint that causes me to drop one star and it has nothing at all to do with the author: the book binder/printer/whatever was a little "off" unless I'm just missing something about the latest trends in book printing. To explain, the pages are all different widths so that one edge of the book (where you'd normally thumb through) presents a jagged edge (which is impossible to thumb through). Never seen that happen before. Maybe mine was just a fluke. I would still heavily recommend the book to anyone interested in the raid.
Fast shipping, book is in very good condition...no loose pages, clean, pages unmarked. Nice copy.
Bought this version because of a review posted by someone else. Yes, very compelling and the afterword by the publisher is spot on. Many thanks to Iddo and Bibi Netanyahu for telling the story of the magnificent Yoni Netanyahu.
To my deep regret I can't give this nice looking book a good rate. The heroe in question deserves all the credit in the world (and I respect the author -his brother) and his selflessness and dedication to others -to the point of ultimately giving his life to save others- truly merits our love, gratitude and admiration. But this book does not provide the readable qualities one would wish to find in a book of these characteristics. It gets entangled in trivial details, endless and boring talk. I recommend that people interested in knowing the story of the rescue at Entebbe watch the documentary "Against All Odds", with a reenactment of the action.

Here's a sample of the book's style: "To bring in the armored vehicles would require two more Hercules transports, each carrying two armored personnel carriers (APCs). Altogether then, the Unit's operational requirements alone called for three transport planes. If indeed only four Hercules were taken, with one designated for..." you follow me? Do you know what we are talking about? And how many of what? Me neither. And so forth for too many pages. Past half of the book and the actual action hadn't started yet. You understand that I gave up right about that page, don't you?

I honestly would like you to know more about this young Jewish heroe, and me too. And that's why I can't understand how one can make such an interesting story so irritatingly boring. There are whole paragraphs dedicated to insignificant details. Details that don't add anything, believe me, anything at all to the story. And when you think it may start getting close to the point... there you find a flashback to somewhere and sometime not connected to the story. I want to stop.

Here's the summary in one sentence using the author's own words: "They settle together into my mind -not in a jumble but in a line, each memory leading to the next". Yes, in a jumble, yes.