Algebra Survival Guide Workbook

Algebra Survival Guide Workbook
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    Algebra Survival Guide Workbook
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Algebra Survival Guide Workbook
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Algebra Survival Guide Workbook
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Algebra Survival Guide Workbook
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I wish I would've clicked at the amazon's Look In Side before purchasing this book! PLEASE DO IT!
After seeing 50 five star reviews I thought I was getting a workbook with lots of problems.
I have purchased five workbooks along with this on Amazon and this is the only one I returned immediately! My 7th grader is taking Algebra I
at school and he felt like he needed more practice to feel confident for his quizzes/tests. He looked at this book and said, "Wow, I wish
Algebra I was this easy!"
This workbook is more for a student who doesn't know anything about pre algebra. It's more like pre-prealgebra workbook.
Typically, workbooks published as supplement to the text books are a LOT better in preparing students for Algebra.
Trust me when I say this the best Alegbra guide on the market. I know because I tried them all(no joke.) As an adult, who never had Algebra in high school, I was not prepared for it in college. And there are few college courses that go all the way back to the beginning, mine expected that you already had basic algebra fundamentals. The guide along with the workbook, actually replaced my textbook. The textbook was simply put, confusing, and unrelatable. The guide, and workbook were lifesavers for me. The clear, precise and easy to understand examples clarified much of what confused me. And associating all of the properties and laws to analogies worked liked a charm. In fact, I soon learned I knew th properties and laws better than my classmates and began using the analogies to explain them so they to could remember all the little tricks this guide taught me. My teenage son, who has struggled with Algebra, now has his own copies and wonders why his teachers have never thought to make it so easy to learn.
Simply put, this workbook and system works when nothing else does! After failing remedial college pre-algebra classes multiple times, I was desperate. I had As in almost all other courses and knew I was just somehow missing something that would unlock the understanding for me. I tried several workbook methods and stumbled across this one a few years ago. I fell in love immediately when I started "getting" it on the first few pages of problems. He explains with super simple instructions how to understand problems (the "why" is included, which is missing from many textbooks). I worked through all the lessons/assignments until they were in my mental "muscle memory", then went and took my Math placement exams again at University of Houston. I tested straight into College Algebra! I cried and called my brother right on the spot. I was 40 years old and had finally gotten Algebra. This unlocked the part of my brain I needed to use to finally succeed and really made it easier than I ever thought it could be. So grateful for this amazing workbook and method of learning! Thank you Josh!
I bought the "Algebra Survival Guide" book to homeschool my granddaughter, and I am not good in algebra. It makes all the steps easy, taking them one at a time instead of going through a bunch of things at once. You need to get this workbook as well in order to have very much practice, as each step in the text book only has five to ten problems, and the answers are right on the same page as the problems. This workbook has many more problems, follows the guide for each step taught, and has the answers in the back.

My granddaughter, who is in 9th grade, is able to go through it and understand pretty much on her own. This book, along with the "Survival Guide," is good for someone not very motivated to learn algebra, as the others I tried go into it too fast, which discouraged my granddaughter because she doesn't like math and doesn't try to understand it. The "Algebra Survival Guide," along with the workbook, makes it much easier to teach her.
The Algebra Survival Workbook and Guide have been a great tool to keep my son practicing over the summer. The workbook is a great companion to the guide and offers a wealth of practice. Having the guide helps so if a topic is unclear or additional information is needed, you can go back to it. My son will complete a few pages in the guide and then go to the workbook for more practice. I am excited to see how this impacts the transition back into school.
Great workbook for refreshing my brain in algebra. I recently started to go back to college and needed to refresh my brain on algebra for my elementary algebra class. With this workbook and the study guide that you need to buy with it, I am doing great in my algebra class! A must buy for anyone who struggles with math in general. (I have never ever gotten better than a C in a math class and currently I have a B+) Remember to buy the study guide book with it so you know how to do the problems in the workbook. I really wish this existed when I was in high school.. I probably wouldn't have failed so many math classes.
This is a great workbook to accompany the "Algebra Survival Guide". Problems are clearly referenced to the corresponding page number in the guide. I used this to prepare for a college math placement test (after 20 years out of high school!) and this book was exactly what I needed. My teenage kids also used it to review concepts for their math classes, and the teaching in this book was clearer than what they had learned at school.

My only quibble would be that the workbook itself doesn't have enough room to "show your work" for solving some of the longer problems, so I used scratch paper for those. But other than that, it's great. I only wish I had something like this back in high school!
Bought this for my mom, as she's taking classes at college now, and had never learned Algebra. The workbook has TONS of problems that you can practice with, and learn from. Definitely worth getting the Survival Guide too!