Cruise Crazy: The Cruise Addict's Survival Guide by Bob Mick

Cruise Crazy: The Cruise Addict's Survival Guide
ISBN 1933102594
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    Bob Mick
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    Cruise Crazy: The Cruise Addict's Survival Guide
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    Capital Books (November 15, 2007)
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For millions of people every year, a cruise isn’t just a delightful vacation––it’s an obsession. These Cruise Crazies have simply GOT TO BE ON ONE––landlubber jobs and responsibilities be damned. Luckily for their caregivers and traveling companions, there is a new behavioral therapy guide by Dr. Kruz Nutty (a.k.a. Bob Mick), the world’s premier authority on cruise addiction. Through Dr. Nutty’s Cruise Crazy, discover which of the four levels of cruise addiction you have reached and take note of the wacky pre- and post-cruise rituals and obsessive-compulsive symptoms that give cruise addicts away:• Stage 1: Pre-Cruise Psychosis––a happy obsession over choosing the cruise line, ship itinerary, and cabin; hosting cruise-themed parties; planning shipboard and shore-side excursions; and sending endless newsletters to friends about the future cruise• Stage 2: Traumatic Travel Syndrome, where NOTHING will keep Cruise Crazies from getting to the ship on time. Driving at break-neck speed to their port of departure, booking only hotels with harbor views so they can keep an eye on their ship, camping out at the dock days, if not weeks, ahead of time––get out of the way as these Crazies rush onto the ship.• Stage 3: Sea Junky. Here they either subside into lethargic poolside lounging, hibiscus in hair, sipping umbrella-laden ice-cold drinks, and floating peacefully on turquoise waters, or they rev up into a frenzy of shipboard and seaport overindulging, changing from one cunning cruise outfit to the next, overshopping, overeating, overdancing, and overdipping into every port of call with utter abandon.• Stage 4: Severe Ship Separation Anxiety as cruise crazies approach the dreaded end of the cruise, when days of uncontrolled exuberance come to an end. But Dr. Nutty does not abandon his dry-land afflicted Crazies here. Discover his 25-step Cruise Recovery Program with its bathtub buffets and cruise outfit swap meets. Cruise Crazy may be all the laugh therapy––or encouragement––you need.Be sure to check out Dr. KRUZ Nutty YouTube VideosSample questions from Dr Nutty’s Cruise Crazy Quiz in Chapter 1: How often do you have thoughts about cruises?(a) Occasionally (b) Maybe once a week(c) A lot and then at least every day as my cruise departure date gets closer(d) Non-stop, constantly, it’s all I can think about! When I have troubling falling asleep at night I:(a) Drink a glass of warm milk(b) Read a book(c) Surf the internet for cruise stuff(d) Count cruise ships (like sheep) sailing away into the sun-set Is the price of a cruise important to you? (a) Yes - it must fit within my budget (b) I usually only buy a cruise if it’s on sale (c) It’s very important so that I have more money for another cruise(d) Price? Who cares about the price when I need a fix! Now take the rest of Dr. Nutty's quiz and discover whether you are a Casually Compulsive Cruiser, a Newly Neurotic Cruiser, a Junior Junkie Cruiser, or a Cracked-Up Crazy Cruiser and what Dr. Nutty would prescribe to help you make it to your next cruise adventure.

This book reminds me of Dennis Miller doing a Monday Night Football game. The problem is, not everything is funny, yet as a comedian it is his job to be funny. Thus he (both Dennis Miller and the author) try too hard to make things that are not that funny into something that is. This book would probably be better if it had half as many pages. I laughed at times, but also had to push myself to finish the book. I was not drawn to the book. I would recommend it for someone that has cruised before (not for a first timer) and needs something to do for five minutes here or ten minutes there. This is not a book that you are going to sit down with a DOD (drink of the day) next to you and finish all in one sitting.
I love cruises and books on cruises. I've bought so many of them from Amazon that I've lost count. Of all the cruise books I've read, this is the only one I truly dislike. The humor is so cornball.

The narrator of the book is "Dr. Kruz Nutty". Dr. Nutty's picture is shown throughout the book posing in various situations involving cruises. In each picture he wears a stethoscope, white lab coat, and captain's hat while sporting thought balloons including "Wowza...Caribbean Cosmos are the bomb!", "Virroomm!", and "Aw[...] wove my wittle inflatable cruise ship!"

If you find this kind humor to be funny, then buy the book. If not, save your money and buy one of these excellent books: Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising, any of the Anne Vipond cruise books, Frommer,s Cruises and Ports of Call, any of the John Maxtone-Graham books, any of the William H. Miller books, and Permanent Passenger: My Life on a Cruise Ship, Cruise Confidential: A Hit Below the Waterline.
I was expecting a bit more insight since I love cruising but I am glad to read it. I couldnt find it in a library.
Wooden Purple Romeo
Bought this book as a pair with "Cruise Confidential" by Brian Bruns because I am indeed a cruise-crazy, cruise addict.

I found it silly and childish. Even my young son thought the humor was immature and unfunny.

Don't waste your money.
This book was pretty disappointing. It is fragmented at best, and a little too silly. True, it was an attempt at humor, but not very successful. I found I could only read a page or two at a time before I got bored with it.
Wow, how I regret purchasing this book. If it weren't impractical to return it (thankfully, it didn't cost that much), I would. The author clearly thinks that he is witty and quite funny. Some will agree with this assessment (maybe adults over 70 and children 7 and younger). Most, however, won't get his humor at all. Many times, his failed attempt at humor clouds the message he is trying to deliver. I did pick up a few interesting ideas from those parts I did read, but not emough good ideas to warrant finishing the book. It is just too arduous of a read.
"Cruise Crazy" was recommended to me by a passenger on my latest cruise as an entertaining way to help me get over the post-cruise blues and to help figure out just how cruise addicted I am. It was a fast and funny read and I don't know how many times I thought - how does Dr. Nutty know me?? I tried several of his suggestions and they really helped me out. I now have a cruise corner in my bedroom - with my homemade towel swan and a collection of tiny umbrellas among other souvenirs. It's my go to spot when I need a little cruise fix. I would absolutely recommend this book to any cruise fan who has a tough time getting back into the real world after living in a fantasy world on the sea for a week. Since I now know that I'm a top-of-the-line cruise addict I guess I should start packing for my next cruise!!
Cruise Crazy: The Cruise Addict's Survival Guide by Bob Mick a.k.a. Dr. Kruz Nutty This whimsical book is fun for anyone who enjoys cruises. With a tongue in cheek approach Dr. Nutty will keep you chuckling as he outlines everything you need to know, or already have experienced, about cruising, from how to select your cruise to what to take, how to choose your travel companion, how to cope on board, what to expect. He discusses food, drink, activities on and off the ship, how to pack, and how to get through the difficulties, all with a grin and making you laugh. Enjoy it just for fun!