Infamy by John Toland

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    John Toland
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    Anchor (April 7, 1992)
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Investigates the military, political, and historical ramifications of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, examining the unpreparedness of the United States, the cover-up following the disaster, and other important aspects of the attack and its effects

After reading the thoroughly researched and convincingly reported events leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Mr. Toland has exposed one of the most shameful events in the history of WWII, namely the complete coverup of the pre-knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Army, Navy and the Executive branch of our government. Having felt it was necessary for war with Japan to begin by an attack by Japan in order to silence American isolationists, the heads of military and government were willing to sacrifice ships, aircraft and men to achieve their goal. Furthermore, they callously laid blame on two innocent men, Admiral Kimmel and General Short, and continued their vilification of these men through false and misleading investigations and destruction of pertinent documents. It is a disgusting commentary on the duplicity of our leaders. Read it and weep.
I like John Toland's books. In this sequel [sic] to his first book on Pearl Harbor where Toland proves FDR was surprised by Pearl Harbor, he finally uncovers the fact that FDR knew Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked and provides the evidence. If you're reading this and you are under 60 years of age you may not even know who fought in WW2 or why. Thank you modern day American education. Of course when I went to high school in the 50s, I hadn't a clue about WW1 and doubt they spent more than ten minutes on it in American History class. If you can, read this book and learn the truth about Pearl Harbor.

I just visited the USS Arizona memorial a couple of months ago. All you'll see there is the names of those who might have been saved. Still, if the Japanese hadn't attacked Pearl Harbor and Hitler hadn't declared war on the USA as a result of the USA declaring war on Japan, Britain might have had to surrender to the Nazis. History is often full of surprises.
Superb, albeit controversial, book that I plan to present for a men's book club in a few months.
Toland has a long-term reputation for being scrupulously honest in his research and writing,
yet was castigated for his "take" on Pearl Harbor.
"Infamy" is well worth reading, then you can decide for yourself.
At the time, it appeared obvious the Kimmel and Short were together responsible for the catastrophe at Pearl Harbor. This book makes it clear that they were pawns in the game and were duly sacrificed to further the American war effort. It reduces Roosevelt's culpability when we realize that he did not know about the Japanese ability to run torpedoes at the shallow depths in Pearl, allowing them to create such havoc.
Zeks Horde
The best documented history of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I think the TRUTH is told in this book. History PhD's may not like it but, I think the truth is told and they don't like it. If you are in to WW 2 and Peal Harbor you need to read this book.
This is an excellent read for anyone who is interested in history or politics.

The book is well written and flows easily. I felt it was well researched and was a book that filled a void created by the secrets and deceptions imposed on our nation during the entirety of WW11.

When the Administration adopted the "Ends justify the means" policy laced with lies and deception, thousands upon thousands of lives were lost in the Pacific, and many of our good military officer's lives were changed forever,their reputations tarnished beyond repair.

Perhaps this book brought some measure of closure to an entire nation. It is a shame it was so long in coming.
As someone alive during the Pearl Harbor incident There were so many things I didn't remember. My uncles tried to share their ideas and prejudice with me. This book brought out so many horrible traitorious incidents that I had not known,History has a way of hiding truth.
Read and draw your own conclusion. Toland took a lot of heat for writing this book. Written in his typical style and using source documents. Journal accounts, court marshal transcripts and congressional reports. Must read for the WWII buff.