Hostile Acts: U.S. Policy in Costa Rica in the 1980s by Martha S. Honey

Hostile Acts: U.S. Policy in Costa Rica in the 1980s
ISBN 0813012503
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    Martha S. Honey
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    Hostile Acts: U.S. Policy in Costa Rica in the 1980s
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    University Press of Florida; First edition (April 20, 1994)
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F????CK Reagan, Bush, North ALL are WAR CRIMINALS, nothing like TRUMP ???????????? Anti Christ ????
The author seems to find US scheming to extend its influence in Central America under every tree, with collusion of greedy and unprincipled Costa Ricans. I think this line of reasoning is far-fetched. The book was written many years ago, so I suppose some generosity is in order. Still, it's so far off the mark it's difficult to see much positive.
For such a scholarly book, the text is more accessible than one might think. I had to read it for a class on the CIA in college, and enjoyed the hell out of it!
Just a note, I have also traveled to Costa Rica , and one of the VERY few guidebooks to touch on this period of Costa Rica and it's impact today is "Costa Rica: The Last Country The Gods Made." Written in 1994, it sort of takes up where Honey left off.
It was extremely detailed, I mean EXTREMELY detailed. It covered maybe six or seven actual events in a good 560-some pages. It had a wellspring of good information, and a wellspring of really unnecessary information. It was longer than it should have been.