Feed Your Kids Right by Lendon Smith M.D.

Feed Your Kids Right
ISBN 0440127068
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    Lendon Smith M.D.
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    Feed Your Kids Right
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    Diets & Weight Loss
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    Dell (November 15, 1981)
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Provides nutritional concepts and programs for the prevention of sickness and the maintenance of health during pregnancy and through the stages of growth from birth to sixteen years

As the parent of my grandchildren's parents when they were young, and they had allergies, and other difficulties including Celiac disease for one, I read the book, found it interesting and was able to understand the diagnostics. I was not sophisticated enough apply the suggestions to improve their their health in any meaningful way. It made enough impression that as soon as I started to read it now, I remembered it. Perhaps Nutritional information and controversies of today are of a cabler to allow today's parents to make good use of it. My three stars are because of my inability years ago to use the information wisely.
Steamy Ibis
I first received this book from a relative in 1981 but I loaned this book to a friend in the 90's and never got it back, I was so happy I was able to order it.
The recipe in the back called "Protein Snacks" (peanut-butter balls) is a big hit with everyone & also healthy.
I truly recommend this book.
Great book! A lot of it still works over 30 years on!
Excellent book, contains valuable information. Wish this book was used by more moms because I think it would help a lot of first time moms, and help to figure out a great deal of allergies for children today. Very practical information, you don't need to spend a great deal of money to follow the advise in this book. I Highly recommend this book, for any mom, first time or fifth child. Excellent book!
I purchased this book for my co-worker, who has a child with ADHD. I had a copy of this when it first came out, and I believe it has good guidelines for those with children with either allergies or other types of food sensitivities. If one can't get a handle on a behavioral problem, perhaps you should look into the possibility of a food sensitivity. Dr. Smith includes good suggestions for healthy alternatives to junk food.
I used to have this book a long time ago and used some of recipes. Gave it away and now have grandkids and wanted to use some of the same recipes. It is in good condition except for a coffee spill on the front pages which doesn't hurt anything.

Thank you
This is a very informative book I purchased, when my daughter was small back in the 80's. I located it on Amazon to aid her in raising my grandson. It has so much information about vitamins and minerals to enhance your life. It addresses concerns over childhood maladies, such as bedwetting, A D D,etc. There are dietary suggestions ,also. Dr. Smith had a short noontime program where he gave out helpful advice on everyday health issues concerning your children.
Great book for parents!