SAMS Teach Yourself visual basic 6 in 21 Days by Greg Perry

SAMS Teach Yourself visual basic 6 in 21 Days
ISBN 0672315424
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    Greg Perry
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    SAMS Teach Yourself visual basic 6 in 21 Days
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    Pearson Indiana; Professional edition (May 17, 1999)
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Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days, Professional Reference Edition adds to the already solid tutorial to provide a long lasting Visual Basic reference section. This 200-page section adds coverage of common control properties, methods, and events, and many other Visual Basic referential materials. Additional special Bonus Project sections allow you to apply what you have learned in practical real-world examples. After reading this book, you will be able to create ActiveX controls, use object linking and embedding (OLE), write Visual Basic programs that support multiple document interface, and much more. This Professional Reference Edition covers all current Service Packs as well as work-arounds for known problems in Visual Basic 6.

Skunk Black
You'll need to be really focused if you're starting from scratch with this book. By the time I got to Chapter 5 I realized I had to re-read the first 4 Chapters. If you want to be sure all examples you create actually work, you may want to purchase the disk he offers in the back (separate purchase), because some of the code they give you doesn't work. I had to go out and get a more basic Visual Basic Book before I took this one on again. Not for the beginning programmer in my opinion.
The author wants additional for the source code for this book. The code comes on 3.5 disks. Have you checked the price of blank CDs lately? Perhaps he should take advantage of the new technology. Anyone doing Visual Basic has got to have a CD. I would have given this book 3 stars, if the book contained a CD with source code. It is about average-- no better no worse.
There are so many errors in this book I wonder how it got published. Very disappointing. Programming is so exact and to find errors everywhere is crazy. I Unfortunately can't recommend this to anyone.
The day 18 and 19.
I have always liked the Sams teach yourself series. I have used many different ones for many different languages. Nice.
I have been struggling to learn VB 6.0 with this book, and I will tell you, it is terrible. The book starts out great, with a very thorough explanation and it doesn't overwhelm you. But, all the details it tells you not to worry about come back to haunt you as you progress. They don't just come back to haunt you; they slam you hard. This book goes from a snail's pace to WAYYYYY too fast, in a matter of pages. The book leaves out a ton of details. In one instance, you are asked to create a form with option buttons (radio buttons) that respond to the user clicking them with messages; well, they never even tell you how to write the code for an option button in the section that was supposed to cover it!!!!!! Horrible stuff here, people. To make matters worse, the book is strewn with a ton of errors! The very first problem they have you code has a mistake in it, that only a more advanced programmer would pick up on. The errors continue thoroughout the book and, in some cases, the whole program is completely out of wack. Not only this, but there are not many good sample problems to solve and the examples they give are incomplete, which only adds to the confusion. Simply do not buy this book if you are a true beginner and if you are not, then why would you need this book anyway???? I cannot recommend this at all, and am only giving it 2 stars based on the fact that it has a decent introduction to the VB world, but the substance is flawed. This book almost made me hate VB. Please stay away everybody:(
At first I was completely put off by the other reviewers bashing this book. Then a friend of mine bought it and I got a chance to finally hold it in the flesh. I agree with most reviews, but I think that this badly organized book has its place. For anyone willing to put up with the horribly layout of the book, some hidden gems can be found. For example, I've never found any other author outlaying the basic for printing from VB6 as easily and clear as stated in this book. Also, you can find a couple of useful excerpts (not full chapters, mind you) for the young programmer.

I think that many of the VB6 crowd (well, programmers in general) are a bit harsh: some are completely newbies regarding programming skills and some are know-it-all geeks. For them this book is almost completely useless. But for me, having a 15+ years plus in programming (BASIC and FORTRAN) this book is worth the money (barely), specially a used one.

I'd give it 1 stars for the many examples, 1 for the print section, 1 for the hand-holding and half a star for many funny moments throughout the book.
I bought this book bundled with More VB6 in 21 days and a copy of VB6 working edition, all for less than... Based on previous experience with Sams 21 Day books, I thought this package was a bargain.
I've made it through the first 7 of 21 days. What a piece of excrement this book is! It is riddled with typos and other errors. Unclear and obtuse writing. No examples when introducing critical new concepts (example -- lesson 7 on advanced keyboard and screen support provides few examples and none at all on some of the functions). I'm going to look for a better introductory text. And will not be going on to waste my time with the "More" volume!
To keep this in context, note that I'm not a novice -- I've been a FORTRAN and BASIC programmer for nearly 30 years. I generally don't bother to post unfavorable reviews here, but be warned!
By the way, the working edition of VB (which doesn't compile or come with any of the MSDN documentation) can be had for the price of shipping from Microsoft. Save your bucks for the VB Learning Edition (which has MSDN) or the Professional edition (which does lots more).