The Visual Basic 5 Training Guide: Replacement by Chris H. Pappas,William H. Murray

The Visual Basic 5 Training Guide: Replacement
ISBN 0125119062
  • Author:
    Chris H. Pappas,William H. Murray
  • Title:
    The Visual Basic 5 Training Guide: Replacement
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    Programming Languages
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    Morgan Kaufmann Pub; Cdr edition (March 1997)
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    1660 kb
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Lonesome Orange Kid
On the rear of this book it says "If you are a beginning programmer, new to Visual Basic.... you've found just what you need.' If what I needed was a lesson on how NOT to produce a Training Guide then Mr Murry and Mr Pappas gave it to me. The first four chapters were pretty good explaining about forms and properties etc. As an Access 2/97 trainer most of this was already familiar. However, as soon as you get into the 'Programming' area it begins making assumptions about your level of knowledge. It provides few step by step examples and little explanation of more complicated concepts. The CD was quite useful but concentrated on the areas the book covered quite well and did not touch on anything more complicated at all. This book is by no stretch of the imagingation 'A Training Guide'
I thought this book was complete and thorough in its examples and teachings, the programming section was especially impressive. I recommend this book to anyone who would like to start programming in Visual Basic. I only wished the book hadn't ended the capabilities of VB5 are almost endless!!
The authors of this book did not write this well. The first 4 chapters are excellent, but Chapter 5 throws information that doesn't make sence at you. Then you can't read the rest of the book. An example sentence in Chapter 5 is "Before a variable is used, its data type must be declared with either the Dim or the Global or Static modifier." It gives the defenitions for those words later on, makng everything confusing. Don't expect anything good from te CD-ROM - it only has the very basic parts of Visual Basic. I recommend that nobody should read this book.