Shadows in the Water: A Starbuck Family Adventure, Book Two by Kathryn Lasky

Shadows in the Water: A Starbuck Family Adventure, Book Two
ISBN 0152735348
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    Kathryn Lasky
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    Shadows in the Water: A Starbuck Family Adventure, Book Two
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    Action & Adventure
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    Harcourt Paperbacks (October 15, 1992)
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When the Starbuck family moves to a houseboat in the Florida Keys, the children love their new home and soon discover they share a wonderful telepathic link with the dolphins. When they find that someone is poisoning the water with toxic waste and that the creatures of the Keys are dying, the twins must stop the culprits before it’s too late.

I read this book when I was a child, and wanted it for my daughter who loves to read. She enjoyed it so much shes read I twice since I gave it to her for Christmas.
Shadows in the Water mostly takes place in the Florida Keys during summer.In this book there are two sets of twins.The first set of twins are July(boy)and Liberty(girl)they are both 12.The second set of twins are Charly and Molly, both girls and both 5.They all have telapathic powers and can talk to each other through their minds.In the begining of the story July and Liberty were unhappy because school was going to begin soon and they were going to have boring lives,until the next day the children's father,Put,told them that they were moving to the Florida Keys from their home in Washington D.C. for his job(catching toxic waste dumpers.)When the children get there they discover a mysterious boy named Robbie that has bandages over his hands.After about a week of being there July and Liberty sneak out into the night.They sail in their boat to an island and find many turtles.For the next couple weeks July and Liberty sneak out,until one night they find dolphins waiting for them at the shore.The dolphins tell the twins about Cuda and his toxic waste dumping crew.The twins and dolphins meet at the island many more days, then one day when July and Liberty sneak out they find Charly,Molly,and Robbie in the boat waiting for them.As they ride the dolphins that night they decide to meet the next night and sail to Cuda's house.The next night when they reach the house Robbie,July, and Molly got cught by the crew. Liberty and Charly had to think of a plan.I think this book was very good.Everyone should read it because it is adventurous, mysterious, and I enjoyed it a lot.
The main characters in this book are Liberty and July. They are twins who have telepathic channels. They just got back from a trip to London where their dad, a special worker for the government, ended another crisis.

This time their dad drags them to the Florida Keys where he can end the crisis of a very serious chemical called diploidmysterol. This chemical keeps being dumped into the ocean killing tons of sea life. On the twin's way they run into a lot of problems. For example, the twins get stuck in these drunken guy's home on an island they've never even heard about. While they're there they find out that these are the guys who keep dumping the diploidmysterol into the ocean.

The time with major events is at night, because that's when the twins always sneak out of the house. You always want to be sneaky at Pelican Key, because even if you don't know it some strangers might be watching you.

The theme is that the twins are trying to constantly save everything they come across from the diploidmysteroil, including themselves.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It constantly gave details to enjoy. The author made a very constant statement of getting the point across in an enjoyable manner. Another thing is that the author doesn't always use such fancy words like diploidmysterol.
I enjoyed Shadows in the Water because it is such an imaginative novel but yet seems so real. The Starbuck Family is full of unusual features. Including two sets of twins, Liberty and July (feternal),Molly and Charly (identical), the Starbuck Family goes on many wild adventures.To make the story even more exciting, both sets of twins are telipathic. On this expidition,the twins are sent to the Florida Keys. Meeting up with some toxic waste dumpers, the children find that a beautiful dolphin's life is at risk. Being able to communicate with the dolphins using their telepathy, the children do the best they can to save this beautiful dolphin.
This book is very thrilling. If you decide to get it, I hope you enjoy it.
Liberty and July; Charly and Molly Starbuck are two sets of twins telepathically connected. Their family moves from Washington, D.C. to Pelican Key in the Florida Keys with high hopes for an exciting autumn. Mr. Starbuck is assigned to catch criminals illegally dumping toxic substances into to Keys' waterways. The older twins, July and Liberty, take it upon themselves to find these criminals and save their new-found dolphin friends from almost certain death. The problem is Robbie, another of their new friends, has been caught once by these villians and if he gets caught again, he might not get a chance to get away again and neither will any of the twins
Shadows in the water is basically about four twins called the starbuck twins.These twins can teleflash-which is to talk to each other without saying a word out loud.The family then moves to the Florida Keys,Liberty and July begin to get mysterious, strange messages from the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.They then begin to worry about what is going on.The faint clicks in their minds begin to grow stronger as the starbuck twins watch the dolphins weave through the waters and leap through the waves.The twins feel that sometihng is wrong and begin to think about what is going on.The starbuck twins names are Liberty,July,J.B.,and Charly.i recommend this book, it's written by KATHRYN LASKY.
I thought this book was very good and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't think I would change anything but maybe the fate of one dolphin. I think Kathryn Lasky did a wonderful job. The book was definitely hard to put down. I would recommend it to everyone, especially dolphin lovers.
This book might be one of my all time favorites, I've read it about 8 times now and it never gets old. I recently bought the book before it because I was so impressed with Shadows in the water. The writing is incredible and the story untouchable. The twins are so life like and you can almost hear the dolphin's voices in your own head. This book can be enjoyed by all ages