Gingersnaps: Daily Affirmations for African American Children and Families (Jump at the Sun Book) by Susan Payne,Nancy Doniger,Anita Alexander

Gingersnaps: Daily Affirmations for African American Children and Families (Jump at the Sun Book)
ISBN 0786813067
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    Susan Payne,Nancy Doniger,Anita Alexander
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    Gingersnaps: Daily Affirmations for African American Children and Families (Jump at the Sun Book)
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    Hyperion Paperbacks for Children; Jump at the Sun edition (October 15, 1998)
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A collection of daily affirmations on subjects including courage, patience, and friendship

This a favorite to read in the mornings before I start my date. It helps me with my students and co workers.
I can't even recall where I bought our copy of Gingersnaps but they (gingersnaps) have been a part of our "goodnight" ritual since my now 12 year old daughter was 4 or 5 years old. I read it to her every night without fail. When we travel, we don't forget to pack the Gingersnaps. After I read it to her as she lays quitely listening one of us always comments "I like that"! or "that's good stuff"! Of course my daughter could read it for herself, but she loves the special ritual we have developed. I hope that we will continue our tradition even after she starts highschool. I love it! Thank you for a wonderful book. I'm ordering a copy for my colleague who is expecting her first baby in December. I hope that they enjoy it as much as we do!
I bought the book for my daughters, and just last weekend, my nine year old daughter said: "Mommy, that book makes me feel good" She takes the book with her and I'm planning to buy another copy for my seven year old since she is still learning to read, and my oldest has claimed the book for her personal own. Thank you ladies for this book.If I could, I would get it for all these young children because they need to feel good about themselves.
What a wonderful book to share with your own children, and those of everyone you know. It is easy and fun to read, with cute illustrations. I consider "Gingersnaps" to be one stepping stone in the process of raising our kids to grow up to be confident, positive and loving adults. Ladies, thank you. I'm looking forward to your next book!
This book has become a part of my daily routine with my adolescent daughter. It is so simple, yet so profound, in the messages that it relays. I am grateful to have found this book to help in teaching my beautiful African-American daughter to believe in and love herself.
What a great idea! These two authors are very insightful to realize that if we provide positive affirmations to children, perhaps they won't need so much self-help as adults. My 9 year old daughter enjoys the stories of African American heros included in Gingersnaps. I also love the eye-catching cover design. A nice gift to give or receive.