The Elementia Chronicles #1: Quest for Justice: An Unofficial Minecraft-Fan Adventure by Sean Fay Wolfe

The Elementia Chronicles #1: Quest for Justice: An Unofficial Minecraft-Fan Adventure
ISBN 0062416324
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    Sean Fay Wolfe
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    The Elementia Chronicles #1: Quest for Justice: An Unofficial Minecraft-Fan Adventure
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    Science Fiction & Fantasy
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    HarperCollins (July 28, 2015)
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Introducing an unofficial Minecraft-fan adventure series inspired by the bestselling game!

Fans of the bestselling video game Minecraft, middle grade readers, and action-adventure story enthusiasts of all ages are about to embark on an exciting journey that will take them far beyond the world they know.

Dark forces are at work on the Elementia server, and when new players Stan, Kat, and Charlie arrive on the scene, they quickly find themselves in peril. Targeted by more experienced players, the noobs must band together against the king, battle the natural forces of the game, and unravel the mysteries of Elementia in the name of justice.

Written when he was sixteen, Sean Fay Wolfe's Quest for Justice is the debut novel by an unstoppable young storyteller and the first book in The Elementia Chronicles trilogy.

Disclaimer: This book is not authorized, sponsored, endorsed or licensed by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other person or entity owning or controlling any rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights. Minecraft is a registered trademark of Mojang Synergies AB.

The Elementia Chronicles is a fiction series of three books (Quest For Justice, The New Order, and Herobrine’s Message) by Sean Fay-Wolfe. All of the action takes place in Minecraft biomes, including the Ender Desert, Mushroom Islands, and Tundra. The main protagonist is a player named Stan who is the President of Elementia, a Minecraft server. He believes that all players should be treated equally, regardless of their level. (He is also an excellent axe fighter.) Stan goes against King Kev, who believes that lower level players are taking all of the resources. King Kev wants them kicked out of Element City. My favorite character was Leonidas, who is a player who first works for King Kev and then for the Noctem Alliance. Leonidas is a determined character who acts on his beliefs and is willing to go to great lengths for justice. My favorite scenes were the battles between Stan and King Kev because you really don’t know who is going to win as they play out. Fay-Wolfe definitely chooses words that match the situations and events well.

I feel that the series improved over the course of the three books. The third book was my favorite because there was a lot of action. There is also an exciting character, Herobrine, who is introduced in the third, and that created some new possibilities. Overall, the series will definitely appeal to people who play Minecraft, but others who enjoy a good adventure story will like it, as well. It helps to have a working understanding of Minecraft vocabulary as you read. For instance, if you have no idea of what a creeper or NPC is, you might be a little confused in places.
Calling all Minecraft and book nerds! Because this is the book for you! Sean Fay Wolfe will get Minecraft fans obsessing over this book. It's packed with action, adventure, and of course, MINECRAFT. The book is rated for ages 8-12, and I would rate it as PG to maybe PG-13 because of a war scene in the end. The book has no swears, but uses the word hell as the place. It's 500 pages long, (511 counting the sneak peak of the next book). This book is currently #1 on my list, and is just INCREDIBLY written. It's a must-buy for Minecraft and book lovers!
Just finishing this book with my son who is 8 and we both LOVE it! We play lots of Minecraft so this book has been a ton of fun to read in that context. The adventures are engaging and descriptive and the overall plot and character development is very well done. The author offers a map of the world that can be downloaded for free as well so we can play in the land where the story takes place - SUPER COOL! Already ordered the second book so we can keep reading.
I purchased Quest For Justice: A Minecraft Novel (Elementia Chronicles) (Volume 1) for my 9 year old son, who loves Minecraft and is an avid reader. Prior to Quest For Justice we've found that most Minecraft books claiming to be "novels" are in reality short stories of about 100 pages or less, nearly all of them written by author's only passingly familiar with the game. Not so with this book. It is a solid 400 page novel and, in my sons words, Sean Fay Wolfe "gets it"(Minecraft).
After finishing the book in just over 3 days of obsessive reading my son set it down and immediately asked if we could go to the book store and pick up the next one. "I really want to know what happens next, dad".
I started thumbing through the book later that night because I was curious to see how a 16 year old author had captivated my son's attention and quickly found that I was getting pulled into the story. The layout and cadence of writing create an engaging flow for the reader; the storyline is well thought out and imaginative; the character development is rich and detailed.
In short, Sean Fay Wolfe is a very talented young author and Quest For Justice is a fun, well written book that will capture the imagination of any Minecraft fan.
anxiously awaiting Volume 2!!!!
I am writing a review for my kids, who loved these books and read them voraciously. They are fast paced and exciting and the kids say they never get boring. I am so impressed that one of my kids who has had lots of resistance to reading anything longer than a few pages suddenly was on the couch all day, every day with this gigantic paperback. I observed him get through his first big book and then he instantly hopped into the second and now third. This is quite an accomplishment for him and I am glad that we found these terrific books that kept his interest so well. Librarians should take special note of these for reluctant readers, especially if the kids are down with Minecraft.
My daughter is an advanced reader for her age (7), and this is the first book series that she ever completed.
She started reading the series over again after she finished, and was just as enthralled upon her second reading.
Here is an excerpt from her email to the author Sean Wolfe.
- Han (mom)

"The Elementia Chronicles is by far my favorite book series in the whole world. :) I even changed my name in Minecraft to KitKat783! I also changed my skin to look like her. :) My favorite characters are Herobrine and Stan2012. I am thinking about what my favorite part is but I can't choose because I love every part of the whole series so far. I can't wait for the 4th book!

Your biggest fan,
My 11yo son likes Minecraft, but isn't absorbed into it. I read about this series through the Boy Scouts as they wrote an article about the books and the author who is an Eagle Scout (my son is involved in Boy Scouts as well). With the two connections, I decided to get it and see what he thought. 2 days after receiving it, he was begging me for the next one and was crushed to find out it wasn't released yet. He is one to become absorbed into books he loves, and this one did it for him.

I will ask him for a review and update this as I get it.

**Not sure if the author will read this, but 3 books may not be enough.