Christmas Peekaboo!: Touch-and-Feel and Lift-the-Flap by DK

Christmas Peekaboo!: Touch-and-Feel and Lift-the-Flap
ISBN 0756640229
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    Christmas Peekaboo!: Touch-and-Feel and Lift-the-Flap
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    Early Learning
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    DK Children; Ltf Nov Br edition (August 18, 2008)
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This fun and festive Christmas book is perfect for infants who love playing peekaboo. Your child will be filled with delight as they pull back the flaps to reveal exciting Christmas surprises. Discover reindeer, Christmas angels, and even Santa himself!   •Durable flaps are perfect for little hands to flip. •Simple text encourages interaction between parent and child. •Develops imagination, thinking, and memory skills. •Perfect for infants 0-18 months.

This is one of several peekaboo books by DK publishing. If I had never seen the other books I would think this book was great; however; it's not quite as good as the other books. That said, it's still a really good book for babies and toddlers and my son loves it.

The DK publishing peekaboo books all follow the same format: One page has a picture of a baby and the next has a picture of an item. You (or your baby) lifts up the picture of the item to reveal a picture of a stuffed animal. The stuffed animal has a spot on it that baby can feel. Each stuffed animal has a different texture.

The textures in this book are not as nice as in some of the other books. Three out of the six textures are really just shiny pieces of paper that don't feel all that different from the rest of the page.

This book is larger than many of the other peekaboo books. It's approximately nine and a half inches long and nine and a half inches wide (about the same size as a typical children's book but much larger than a typical board book). The Farm Peekaboo book, by comparison, is only about seven inches long and seven inches wide. The size of this book makes it difficult for most younger babies to hold.
All of the books in this series are great, and this is no exception. The book is really big, so it's wonderful for little hands. I also love all of the Christmas items and the peekaboo pages. The only thing that makes this book a little less than what I had expected, is the lack of textures. There really isn't a lot, especially compared to the other books in the series. It's still a good book to add to your Christmas collection and my one year old really loves it.
This one is bigger than the usual DK lift the flap books. I was very excited to see how sturdy it was. Really shiny and bright photos. A joy. The reason I did'nt give it 5 stars is because I wish some of the pictures below the flap were more real life like. The touch and feel aspect of the reindeer nose, the hat etc are fun. Our toddler really enjoyed it. I bought it primarily to build his vocabulary of christmas stuff- candy cane, snowflakes, santa, reindeer, presents, christmas tree, ornaments, and it does the job.
This is one of my toddler's favorite books! We bought it in December to introduce Christmas imagery and she fell in love with the vivid pictures and clear photography. This is a great size book with sturdy flaps that your toddler will have a hard time ripping off. Highly recommend as a fun gift for you or your friends.
I got this to compliment the 6 or 7 other books that I have. We love the peek-a-boo books. This was her first christmas that she can remember and it was a good learning tool. What is a stocking, ornament, christmas tree... Helped her to recognize and name things.
Pros: he loves the flaps and the repeating "peekaboo" motif. He also likes touching the various textures.
Con: I have no idea why I expected more of a story in this book, but I did. There's no story. Just a bunch of Christmas toys and "peekaboo". It's getting five stars anyway because my kid liked it that much.
We purchased this book as a gift for our 9 month old. We selected it because he has enjoyed other books in the Peekaboo series, and especially enjoys books with large photos of real babies and toddlers. He loved the large, bright pictures on each page, and quickly learned to lift the flaps. The flaps themselves are almost as large as the page and are very durable and well-attached, so I feel they will stand up to his not-so-delicate technique. He continues to bring this book to me to read two months later.
Adorable book that allow for tactile learning. This is one of my son's favorite Christmas books. We have several of the peekaboo books and they are all great. I highly recommend.