Managerial Economics in a Global Economy by Dominick Salvatore

Managerial Economics in a Global Economy
ISBN 0030497779
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    Dominick Salvatore
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    Managerial Economics in a Global Economy
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    Brooks/Cole; 4th edition (July 22, 2001)
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This is a silly book, really. I know there's not a single joke in the book, but really, it's silly.

Here's why: Salvatore explains -- and I agree with him -- that managerial economics really consists of synthesizing concepts from algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, calculus, and economics, and applying them, basically, to the estimation of demand and to the evaluation of performance. That's fine.

But if all this book did was show you that, it would only be 2-3 chapters in length. Therefore, to fill up the rest of the volume, the author proposes to teach you, from scratch, all of those topics. In one book. In one semester.

Take Chapter 5, for example. Excepting the concept of standard deviation, this chapter is essentially an entire semester's worth of statistics in a single chapter. Explanations, unsurprisingly, are terse and elliptical. And ditto for many other aspects of the book: like I'm so sure the typical student can learn all of economics, algebra, etc. in a single chapter.

There's an even worse problem with it, though.

Salvatore is explaining and synthesizing ideas that are often grounded on concepts from calculus. But if he just put the calculus right there in the text, he would lock himself out of the non-calculus market.

So what he does is puts the calculus in footnotes and appendices throughout the book.

The result of this is that nobody's happy. Students who can do calculus don't get enough practice and explanation; students who can't do calculus feel there's conceptual holes in the middle of the explanations (just as Salvatore admits there are!).
It was the wrong book for my class. However, I ended up keeping it as the book was just different enough to give me and international perspective on the same issues that we were discussing in this class. It gets four stars because it is written in a way that seems it has all the answers, which no book has. However, it is not to hard of a read and is a fantastic place to start a journey in managerial economics.
I have read my share of text books. My undergrad degree was in engineering, but this book is by far the least explanatory text book that I have ever encountered. The text is really heavy on the definitions and theories. I get it, that stuff is important, but when it comes to applying those things the book just glosses over the details. The problems at the end of each chapter are not any better. I could not recommend this book to anybody. Though it does not matter much since students are not the ones that pick their text books.
OK....this book stinks! I only purchased it because it was required text for MBA program! The author does a poor job of explaining the materials. The illustrations and tables are labeled weird. The only saving grace is OXFORD has put a free online version of the book online that you use to help you study. You have to google search it to find it, but it was a good suppliment to accompany this poorly written book. Plus some of the question on the site are actual test questions that help a great deal when studying for the test.
Your professor did you know favors. Perhaps if you already have a good economics background this is fine, but if this is your first brush with it, the book is (at least to my mind) not straightforward or easy to learn from at all. I took it as part of an online class, and so I felt very set-adrift, indeed. Glad it's all over.
I received my book and it is totally messed up. The first half of the book wasnt even attached at the spine. The second half has a page thats all messed up. This is the worst rental i've ever had. I have to deal with it because of hurricane harvey we started right into things the first day of school, but i'm not impressed with my product at all.
Bought it for school, obviously would not buy for leisure.
Worst text book I've ever used, even worse than my tax accounting books for Advanced taxation. This book has every single thing you could ever need, but completely fails at explaining or even providing examples of the concepts discussed within the chapters. Tie it with a professor who is inefficient at teaching, it creates a deadly combination.