A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln: Condensed from Nicolay & Hay's Abraham Lincoln: A History by John George Nicolay

A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln: Condensed from Nicolay & Hay's Abraham Lincoln: A History
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    John George Nicolay
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    A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln: Condensed from Nicolay & Hay's Abraham Lincoln: A History
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    BiblioBazaar (March 15, 2007)
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Abraham Lincoln- the sixteenth President of the United States- was born in a log cabin in the backwoods of Kentucky on the 12th day of February 1809. His father Thomas Lincoln was sixth in direct line of descent from Samuel Lincoln- who emigrated from Eng

This is a one volume condensation of the multi-volume biography of Lincoln written by his personal secretaries during his presidency, John Nicolay and John Hay. The abridgement was done by the son of one of the original authors and is a very enjoyable read. It provides a fairly concise overview of the civil war (with interesting details) along with insights into Lincoln's thinking and actions, with which the authors had a front row seat. The only criticism would be that the portrait of Lincoln may be overly favorable. However, this possible deficit is overcome by the closeness of the authors to arguably the most important person in US history.
I have read scores of books about Lincoln in my life. I have been obsessed with him since I was about 9 years old. This book is so refreshing because the writer fleshes out so many incidents with fascinating details and his explanations of why Lincoln did or didn't do certain things makes Lincoln more understandable and actually more admirable. The way Lincoln handles people, usually people who think they are better and smarter than he is very illuminating. His ability with words is unsurpassed and Nicolay and Hay put things in context as only they were in a position to do. The book is exciting to read and I am a little more than halfway through and regret it will end soon.
Strongly recommend the books/content generated by Lincoln's assistants. The prose is a joy to read, and the care and respect given the subject matter is 2nd to none. These are the men who were there, and helped to create the legend.
John Hay's and John George Nicolay's 10 volume history of Abraham Lincoln is as authentic a recital as can be found of Lincoln's presidential years, since as his two secretaries were almost always by his side or transcribing his letters. Nicolay's one volume condensation of their effort is factual, readable, its wording takes you back to the 19th century, and demonstrates the admiration with which these men viewed their boss.
Anyone interested in Lincoln should consider this book. I know there's no way I'll ever read the multi-volume set by Nicolay & Hay, and this is manageable. No, it's not completely objective, nor is it an example of modern scholarship. It's a good introduction to a complex man by two men who worked by his side.
I enjoyed this. I like to read about Lincoln and this was nice because of the personal knowledge of the subject by the authors. Not thrilling, but a good book for Lincoln fans.
I would like to read all ten of the volumes that they wrote about Lincoln if I ever get a chance
it's fascinating to see the extremely humble beginnings of this great man. the origin of the "american dream". a true history of america and perhaps our finest leader.