And a Voice to Sing With: A Memoir by Joan Baez

And a Voice to Sing With: A Memoir
ISBN 0671400622
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    Joan Baez
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    And a Voice to Sing With: A Memoir
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    Summit Books; 1st edition (1987)
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The performer and political activist discusses her career and emotional life as well as her politics

I don't know how I missed this Memoir of Joan Baez all these years since I have been her biggest fan since the 1960's.
Ever since I first heard her sweet soprano voice sing the song she wrote for Bob Dylan I was hooked. After reading about her activism
for civil rights with MLK and her stance on non violence in Hanoi against the Vietnam war I love her even more
She was a very courageous woman who dared to stand up for what she believed in. Even being jailed for her protests. I was impressed
even more after reading about her father's beliefs about globalism and preservation of our water and resources. He was a very smart man
who taught at Harvard and imparted his strong beliefs on to her. She writes of her struggles and her vulnerability. It is an honest and insightful book which I found very interesting reading.
I have always loved Joan Baez' singing, and was fortunate to see her recent 75th birthday concert on PBS, which renewed my interest in her. When I found this book I didn't know what to expect, but I found it a very candid, well written, honest account of her life. It was actually much longer and more detailed than I expected, and I came away with a different impression of Ms. Baez than I had held previously based only on hearing her sing or seeing her in concert. She seems so serious when singing, but then at the end of each song that smile breaks out and opens a window into her more private self, which is very much alive, playful, and passionate. I was also very much impressed with the breadth and depth of her activism and came away with an even more profound respect for her sand what she has done to make our world a better place.
This book was a complete surprise to me. I knew Joan could sing, but I never knew what a full life she lived and what compassion she had in her heart. The book was a trip through the sixties and seventies. Like Forest Gump, Joan was at all the important junctures of those decades, Woodstock, Bob Dillion, Selma with Martin Luther King Jr, Hanoi during the 11-day bombing, in Lech Walesa's home when he was under house arrest and at Live Aid. The great people of that era wanted her around. Why not, she was kind, beautiful and talented. Her compassion was genuine. After coming out of the air raid shelter in Hanoi, after a bombing, she went to an injured child and called for help. She stayed with the child until someone came and took him to a hospital. He survived. She is up front about her neuroses and phobias, her thoughts and her feelings. She made me feel normal and reminded me that you can get through life with your hang-ups. The descriptions of people, places and events are as clear as a photo. She tells great stories, and shares juicy gossip. And when you finish you will find yourself challenged and wondering what can I do with my life to improve the lives of others.
The book is a little disjointed in its story telling. Perhaps this reflects the author's thoughts? As someone a little over a decade behind the author it was revealing to see someone so awake at such a young age and in that time in the world.

This does by the end reveal a lot about the person and personality behind the performer. And so for an autobiography, that means success.

I just wish there were an updated edition with an epilogue to cover the 30 years since this was written.
Tells her great story, And A Voice to Sing With: A Memoir, is a great read and goes into great detail about Joan Baez's early and mid career. The only reason we don't give it five stars is because it's only dated to the mid 1980's, and is greatly in need of updating now in 2013. I have loved Joan Baez's music all my life and loved her book as well, feeling very intimate with her as she tells her story of fame and fortune (given away it turns out). All fans of Miss Baez will enjoy this book and I recommend it highly!
I loved this autobiography! Joan writes beautifully! I've always been a fan but after reading this I became a truly devoted fan. My admiration for her soared. What a courageous, extremely gifted, funny, beautiful, and intuitively amazing woman! I highly recommend this book. I hope she writes part two. Bravo Joan!
I really enjoyed the book. I got confused with some of the jumping around but eventually got into the rhythm of the story.
I read many auto biographys & everything else about some of the musicians who have enriched my life over the years. This is one of the better & does not disappoint. The seller
Revised in record time & in excellent condition.