Texture Techniques for Winning Watercolors by Ray Hendershot

Texture Techniques for Winning Watercolors
ISBN 0891348921
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    Ray Hendershot
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    Texture Techniques for Winning Watercolors
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    North Light Books (September 1, 1999)
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Shows how to use texture techniues such as spattering and spritzing to suggest detail and create a variety of moods and effects in watercolor painting

DO NOT BUY THE ECHO PUBLISHED EDITION!! I really love the author, and his fantastic paintings, but through no fault of the author, Echo Publishing has ruined this book by producing a very inferior edition, due to its poor paper quality; and ALL the illustrations (and there are many) are terribly washed-out, nearly monochromatic, sepia-monotones! I originally read this book from a library copy, published by the original publisher. I loved the book and ordered a copy for myself. I was so disappointed when I received my copy, published by Echo Publishers! Needless to say, I sent it back pronto! SO, make sure you do not order a copy published by Echo, or you will be profoundly disappointed.
Great watercolor tips by one of my favorite artists. Though no fault of the artist/author, make sure you buy the first edition printing by Northlight Books. I am disappointed with the second printing copy I got from a publisher in VT. The color plates are dramatically paler in comparison to the first ed.
l this is a good instructional book. The problem is is when it was printed the color is so greyed out you really can't tell what the painting really look like. This is too bad. I would advise you buy the hardcover book. I purchase the hard cover of this book and the colors are so much brighter.
adventure time
Information aside, I have to agree with some of the other reviews that said the painting reproductions and color plates are quite poor. In the modern age there's really no reason why any book needs to have poor photos. It's a head scratcher. I can't imagine the author seeing these and saying, hey yeah these are great! Instead they just went ahead with poor reproductions and off it went. The colors are almost non existent, leaving your eyes almost straining to look at them. I would have to suggest that if you want to see this mans wonderful art, simply Google his name and click on images and there you go. I hope the author realizes what a disappointment the end result was on this publication. His art deserves better.
This artist has such a beautiful style, however the paper this book is printed on is clearly inferior. Is it still worth buying? I would say yes. I am glad I have it to look at his artwork. Just disappointed with the low-quality paper.
My first thought was to return this book, the images accompanying the exercises are too small to make out much detail and the step-by-step instructions are not exactly that, but after looking at the man's art, I decided it would be a great addition to my library and who knows, someday I might even be able to do the exercises. LOL. As Mr. Hendershot himself points out, you learn a little something from everyone. Even though I doubt I'll attain his level any time soon, I do hold his work up as a goal to strive toward. I find it absolutely amazing. AND! Even though the exercises are a little beyond my pay grade, and I'm pretty low on the artistic totem pole, those of you who are more advanced may find them doable. No matter what your artistic level, if you admire fine art, you will find the book enjoyable. OK, that's my review.
Beautiful and packed with information on painting in a style that is more true to the subtle colors of nature.
Just wonderful examples and what a welcome relief to see beautiful and skillful paintings that do not rely on garish colors for optical effect.
This painter can actually draw and does a great job imparting his sensibility and love of the natural light of the Northeast.
THere are clear explanations and again his use of more greys and his emphasis on values and light are refreshing in the sea of over excited palettes that seem to have hijacked Watercolor Painting.
This is one of the most interesting and informative WC books I have purchased in ages and I am daily learning from it and enjoying it.
It has the basics such as what to use or rather what he uses and the intro ot papers so on and so on but it is his sensibility and the light in his paintings that keeps me enthralled and coming back for more.
I adore this book, Ray's use of understated colours along with the textures he creates is the way I wish to paint. The author is very generous with his knowledge and he gives clear instructions on what colours he uses and how he achieves texture. The majority of his paintings are in the snow which is not really relevant to me personally as I don't live where it snows but I can work around that and make the necessary changes to suit my local area.
The only possible negative is the quality of the paper used; the printing from the next page showes through; i.e. the paint is not totally opaque.
I would highly recommend this book and I go back to it even when I am not painting as the images are very soothing and calm.